Friday, January 11, 2013

Drop Cloth Pillows

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and that means more chocolate, more decorating, and more PILLOWS!
To get started on decorating our home for Valentin's day I stitched up a couple of cut pillows using drop cloths for the fabric. Decorating with painters drop cloths is a cheap and easy way to add a little holiday spirit with out breaking the bank.

 I have used drop clothes to make curtains, valances, wreaths, table runners, stuffed pumpkins, and chair covers, but my favorite way to use them is to make pillows.

I used the 8oz. drop cloth I found at Lowe's. They have a 10 oz one but it is a little too thick for my pillows.

 I wash my drop cloth first using the rinse and spin cycle. This takes the coating out of the fabric and if you are using fabric transfer like I did they will work better if you wash your fabric first.

 If you want whiter fabric you can bleach your drop cloth but I like the natural color I achieve by just rinsing in the washer and then drying them in the dryer.

 I like the vintage look  I get from using fabric transfers. My favorite is Leslie Riley's Transfer Artist Paper TAP. Transfers look better on drop cloth fabric compared to burlap.

I buy TAP from I am a Prime member and this cost me about 26 dollars for 18 sheets.

  Sometimes I just want an outline so that I can paint the design in a brighter color then what I can achieve from my printer. When you are printing words on transfer paper always mirror the image before printing. 

This iron works great for fabric transfers because it tells me when the iron is ready, and you need a nice hot iron to get the best results.

After transferring my outline onto the drop cloth I fill in my image with a mixture of craft paint and fabric medium.

These pillows were done using fabric transfers and  my printer ink. I have tried the other methods but I like TAP the best. If I have a simple design I use my Silhouette to cut out the image. Otherwise, I just cut it out by hand.  I like to make patches and sew them on the fabric for a more vintage look.

 I made this design from several images and just layered them using Windows Publisher. When using words or numbers  in my images I like to put them in a text box and then save them as a JPEG or other image file. Doing this allows me to stretch the words to any size I need, which is a lot faster than trying to increase the font over and over again.

Have you ever made anything with a painters drop cloth? I would love to hear about  it . Please leave me a comment I won't bite. Too hard. He-he!
Thanks for DROPING in. Have a great weekend.
Love ya,

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Kristi (aka T!) said...

Great job! I love your pillows. I think I would love to make them. How much fabric medium to paint do you use? and do you mix it or layer it?
never thought of using drop cloths. I'll bet it super soft.

Jamie said...

Great! I just bought 2 can't wait to see them!!!!!!!
Jamie harris

Lola and Bea said...

I use 1 part medium to 1 part paint. If my paint is really thick, which craft paint tends to be, I add a few drops of water to so the paint flows better. I hope you try it. Painting on fabric is really fun.

Colleen said...

So fun to find this! I was at home depot and saw their drop cloth and loved it so much I ditched my duck cloth fabric from fabric store and went with the drop cloth for pillows. I am screen printing them professionally then shaving them sewn with the rough edge showing. The duck cloth naturally freys if you rip instead of cut. I will post a pic when they are done!