Monday, October 17, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I had started Lola and Bea way back in May with intentions of creating a weekly blog about the journey of starting a company. Well to make a long story short, my computer got a Trojan and since I was not very diligent about backing up my work I lost everything except old photos. So instead of trying to fix my computer I went to work at creating signs, pillows, table runners, and holiday paper crafts to be sold at local businesses.

Once my computer was fixed I went to work creating dozens of pillows like this one. Many of my designs are just words that I print directly on the fabric using either my laser printeror my inkjet printer. Then I  applique the fabric on to my main fabric to form either a patch or a pocket. I add interesting elements like ruffles, ribbons, number plates, or keys to my pillows. The images  for this pillow cam from the Graphics Fairy website here and here.

I hope you come back and visit me again.



firstnightdesign said...

I love the way you patch/pocket the graphics onto the pillows. Graphics Fairy sure does rock!!

WhyCuzICan said...

I was just visiting your I HEART WEBBING post (found at Brag Monday at GraphicsFairy) and posted my comment when peeked around and saw you are a very new blog-- you sound like a nice lady so BLAM- I am your newest Follower!

Hope you join GF Brag Monday party every week...I get hundreds of views for my projects using her adorable and generous images!

Suzanne in NW IL

Lola and Bea said...

Graphics Fairy does rock my little world. I can't believe how many people are viewing my site from her site. Graphics Fairy if you are reading this (I's sure your way too busy for this litlle blogger) I heart you more than black stripe webbing.

aimee said...

all your cushions are so cute, i love putting graphic fairy images on cushions, yours are great xxx