Monday, October 24, 2011

More Pillows ...

Lately I have been on a pillow-making extravaganza. I keep telling myself that I need to get through all of the fabrics that I have before I can buy more but like usual I’m not listening. My dining room and kitchen table are covered in pillow covers waiting for their final touch up with an iron before stuffing. Thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the unending supply of graphics and inspiration from her readers.  

I love to print the graphics directly on my fabric and then take a hot iron to set the ink. Pocket pillows are so much fun to make. I use many of the graphics from The Graphics Fairy to create my stuffers, old postcards, letters, receipts, and anything that looks like it could be a memento from a vacation, like tickets, or maps. After I print the graphic, I soak it in tea or coffee and then place them on a cookie sheet and set, them in a 250-degree oven for a few minutes until they are dry. Once the paper is cooled, I rub cocoa butter lotion or other lotion on them to make them supple enough to fold. Then I gather a few of my folded papers together and  tie them together with some twine and I like to add a key or a tag to add some interest. 
Another easy way to make a cute pillow is to print a graphic and then make a patch by simply stitching the fabric on to a pillow cover.

I am not very  good at staging my pillows or photography for that matter. When I take a break from sewing I need to browse some blogs for good tips on staging.
Thanks for looking.


Sabrina said...

These pillows are so fabulous, I was wondering if your Blogger will let you post the photos larger? Especially the stuffer pillows look so interesting and detailed I'd love to see them a little better.

Just joined you as a follower. Can't wait to see what else you are up to.

Lola and Bea said...

Thanks Sabrina for the comment. I am new to the blog world and any advice is greatly appreciated. I am going to try to fix it. So I hope you will check back.