Monday, October 24, 2011

I Heart Webbing

Can you believe that I was paying $ 3 bucks a yard for upholstery webbing! Well the black stripe webbing in these parts is extremely hard to find and I only had one source, which happens to be going out of business, and everything in the store is 75% off except their upholstery webbing. Hum...
Could it be the shop owner sensed the desperation in my voice and suddenly upped the price to $4 bucks a yard? Enter the Chicago Canvas and Supply Company. I ordered a big ginormous roll of 72 yards of beautiful black striped webbing and it cost me less than .50 a yard after shipping. I am in love.

So what am I going to do with 72 yards of black stripe webbing you ask? Make pillows of course.

The graphics are from The Graphics Fariy .

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firstnightdesign said...

I love these cushions and the effect of the webbing is a beautiful addition.

WhyCuzICan said...

Shame on her for not showing you some love at her store-- no wonder she was going out of biz with compassion like that.

Oh well, you have a great NEW source for webbing at cheap-cheap-cheap and your pillows are ADORABLE too!

Thanks for sharing :D
Visiting from BRAG MONDAY at GraphicsFairy
Smiles from NW Illinois,

Lola and Bea said...

Thanks for leaving acomment and joining my blog. I am already amazed how many visitors have viewed my blog. I loved hearing from you and hope you will stop by again to see what I have been up to.

The Midwest Cottage said...

Hi. It's Liz from the Midwest Cottage in Missouri. I found you through Figgy Puddy on Facebook. I am goin to do a feature on your pillows on my blog..check it out and don't forget to add a I was Featured by the Midwest Cottage" button to your sidebar! Love what your doing.

The Midwest Cottage said...

You have been featured!

Joanie said...

Thanks Liz for featuring me on your Midwest Cottage Blog. Yours is the first button I have officially grabbed. HA ha! I am a slow learner at blogging so thanks for giving me something to figure out on my own.