Monday, December 31, 2012


Does your family have a New Year Tradition?

It's not too late!

 Every New Year for as long as I can remember we have celebrated by making this fun dish of Corned Beef and Cabbage. What  makes this dish so much fun is that we hide silver coins inside the cabbage leaves.
I loved this tradition as a child, my kids loved it, and now my grand kids love it too.
It is so easy to make.
I just use a package of corned beef with a seasoning packet included, a nice head of cabbage, maybe some potatoes, and some silver coins (quarters, nickel, dimes.)
I cook the corned beef in a big pot on the stove according to the package directions.It takes about 3 hours.  Then about an hour before it is done I add some cut up  potatoes. Then  I quarter the cabbage and then add it to the corned beef pot about a half hour before the meat is done. 

 I soak the silver coins in hot water and dish soap. Then I rinse them and soak them in vinegar. I dry each coin to make sure it looks real clean and new.
I am making this tomorrow, New Year’s Day so I don’t have a picture of the finished dish, but I arrange the meal on a large platter. Then I place the coins inside the cabbage leaves. Each person then takes a turn scooping up a nice serving of cabbage on his or her plate. During the meal, it is always fun to see who finds the most coins. My Mom always told us that the one who ends up with the most money will be lucky in the New Year. If you have small children I would help them find the money on their plate and place it in a small dish, this way they will not swallow the money but they still feel included in the celebration.
I would love to hear about your New Year traditions. Thanks for stopping by.
I hope a wonderful and prosperous New Year is headed your way.
 Love ya,

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