Thursday, December 6, 2012

Time to Take a Break

I am getting ready to take a break from sewing , and item making for the shops so that I can get some Christmas decorating done for my own home. Here is just a little look at some of the pillows and other items I have been making the past few months.



These grain sacks are from They were so easy to turn into pillows.






I hope I did not bore you. I will be back when I get my own house ready to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. I am so glad you came and spent some of your time with me.

Love Joanie



Dawn said...

Love it all:) The wreaths and pillows turned out great!

Jeannine said...

I have enjoyed seeing your pillows in Billings and on Facebook. You have deserved a long Christmas break.
I look forward to what you'll have in the new year.

Lola and Bea said...

Thanks Jeannine and thanks for remembering my pillows from Billings. The Vintage Cottage is such a sweet shop. Have a Merry Christmas and Blessings for the New Year.

Anonymous said...

You do beautiful work--those slipcovers are divine