Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Mantel

I have noticed so many beautifull and charming mantels out there in blog land lately.
I don't really change my mantel much thoughout the year.

This is my mantel at Christmas.
Not much different from my Winter mantel. I keep the same wreath and candle holders up all year, including Christmas. The wreath has been hanging in that same spot for two years now.  Although most of the rooms in my home are decorated with a splash of red, I have managed to keep the family room neutral.  I find it relaxing after a long day of dealing with very colorful fabrics.

No chalkboards, or banners, just a simple word art found at TJMax last year. I do have a punch of color in the kitchen. I think this might have been a Christmas wreath from Target last year or the year after. I think they still sell them.
Have a beautiful weekend.
I will be sewing up a storm with some new and very  colorful fabrics.
Love ya,

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Dawn said...

Your mantel is very pretty and striking. Love the mirror and wreath.