Friday, February 15, 2013

First Friday of Lent

Each year during Lent, our family abstains from eating meat on Fridays. So for the next seven weeks for lunch and dinner we will have either fish or pizza. Giving up meat for one day a week is really not hard and it gives you time to focus on why we are fasting. I love all types of seafood but my husband is allergic to shellfish so that means not cooking meals containing my favorite shrimp. It doesn't have to be Lent to enjoy a fish and most fish are good for you.
Tonight we are having Tilapia.  I just buy it frozen at Target. If you have not had it before it is a mild flavored white fish. It falls apart very easily when you cook it so it is not good to place on the grill unless you cook it in a pan.

I like to make Tilapia in the oven. I put a little seasoning on it first. Then I toss it in some flour to cover.
Next give it a little dip in some eggs and milk mixture. I just make sure that all the flour gets wet.
Then I like to cover it in Panko bread crumbs.
The reason I like to cook Tilapia this way is because the panko crumbs fall off the fish if you do not have a base of flour, and it does not look pretty. You can also just bake it with some lemon, salt, and pepper on top and it tastes good that way also but it falls apart.

Place the fish in a coated baking pan. I just sprayed Pam all over the bottom of the pan. I also drizzled some melted butter and lemon juice on top of the fish for a nice lemony flavor. Tilapia is a mild fish so it needs a boost of flavor. I have picky eaters so nothing is very spicy in our house, but you could really put your favorite spice on the fish. Garlic and butter would taste great.

I just bake  it at 375  for about 25 minuts until it is golden but not overcooked.

Looks like it is done.
Bon Appetit!

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Penny @ The Comforts of Home/From Harvest To Table said...

That looks great. I love that it is not fried.