Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Am Back and Lots of New Items on Etsy

I have been gone for a while. The most important lady in my life had colon cancer. I took a little time off this year to nurse her back to health. I am happy to say that the cancer is gone and she is going strong.

At the start of the year I opened an Etsy shop and I was surprised how well it did right off the bat. I put my shop on hold for a few months and when I returned from California I started it back up and it has been going strong ever sense.

I have added lots of Christmas items. I am still in love with webbing and can always find a fun way to use it.

Lately there has not been enough sunshine. Love the flash in my window.

Most of the items in my shop are made of burlap.

 and lots of lace
I hope you will visit my shop.
I have lots of unfinished projects around my house and I hope to share them with you as I work on them.

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