Sunday, December 25, 2011

Master Bedroom Mirror

I adore the Cassidy Mirror that was on the cover of Ballard Design's cataloge a while back.

I have been looking for something to hang over our bed in the master bedroom and I thought this mirror would be perfect. The price tag was a little too steep for my budget at $189 and it was a little too big. The ceiling above the bed is at an angle and there is little room above the headboard, but I felt the space needed something. So when I saw that mirror I thought it would be perfect and I had to have it.

I tried to find a mirror at the thrift shops but everything was square or rectangle. Then one day I popped into the new Ross and low and behold, there was a small round mirror with a nice frame only it was an off-white color and not a pretty blue like the Cassidy mirror at Ballard. It was only $15 so I decided that I would try to paint it. I do that a lot although not always successful.

I gathered several paint colors that  thought would work well to give me as close to the same effect as the Cassidy mirror.

I think it turned out beautiful and I can't wait to hang it in above the bed.

Hubby has been recovering from another surgery and I waited until he felt better before hanging it.
I think it goes great with the lamps, bedding curtains and the Kirkland prints I had bought a few years ago.

I think it looks great. I love it when a project turns out just as I expected to.


Sherry said...

That turned out fabulous! I love the color of it! Great makeover!

Musings From A French Cottage said...

Your mirror is beautiful!! You did a really good job transforming it. Great color!